You want to participate in OKBET, have you completed the account registration steps? But you don’t know how to deposit OKBET, so let us help you!

Introduction to OKBET

OKBET is a pretty hot brand specializing in providing products on betting games or online casino. In 2016, this bookmaker created a wave in the domestic and foreign markets in this field.

Starting from Europe and licensed by PAGCOR. Not surprisingly, this casino has created brand awareness and brand awareness in the user market. Exquisite product quality, quality and smooth operation. Fresh interface, extremely high reputation, many attractive promotions for all members.

Conditions to deposit OKBET correctly

Conditions to deposit OKBET correctly
  • Must have a game account linked to a bank account or e-wallet
  • Be a Vietnamese citizen, over 18 years old and responsible for your actions
  • Depositing money into an OKBET account must be above the minimum and not exceed the maximum level required by the system.

Instructions for deposit OKBET accurately and in detail

Instructions for deposit OKBET accurately and in detail

To help players better understand how to deposit OKBET, we will guide you through the following detailed steps:

Deposit OKBET by online payment

Deposit OKBET by online payment

This is the most common way to use. Users just need to click on the deposit on the app that is already linked to their personal bank account. Follow the steps and the system will automatically charge you.

Deposit money by scanning QR code

Deposit money by scanning QR code

At the deposit box, players click on the QR code scanning category. Here, you need to click scan and a series of details about the dealer will appear. Finally, fill out the dealer’s request for information.

Deposit OKBET through e-wallet

Deposit OKBET through e-wallet

E-wallets here can be GCash, GrabPay,… are all wallets allowed by OKBET. Here are the following steps:

  • Step 1: On the app, please link to 1 of the e-wallets you are using
  • Step 2: On the OKBET deposit interface, select that ewallet method. The wallet requires the money to match the amount you need to deposit
  • Step 3: Information, amount, verification code and completion of the deposit procedure

Method of depositing money at ATM

Method of depositing money at ATM

This is the most time consuming and labor intensive method for players. However, it is also the way that the house has been using for a long time:

  • Step 1: Go to any ATM that matches the list of banks allowed by OKBET.
  • Step 2: Enter all your information and the amount you need to deposit that the ATM interface requires
  • Step 3: Load money into the ATM tray and click to complete the procedure

What should I keep in mind when depositing OKBET?

What to keep in mind when deposit OKBET?
  • The game account must be linked to a bank or e-wallet.
  • Need to enter the correct link of the dealer’s homepage to avoid fraud.
  • Don’t exceed the OKBET-prescribed maximum level when depositing money above the minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions About OKBET Deposit

OKBET offers you many flexible options for depositing money from your account. Here are some suggestions for common questions about this topic:

  • Bank Transfer: You can directly transfer money into OKBET’s bank account.
  • Payment through Online Payment Gateways: You can pay through reputable online payment gateways such as GrabPay, OKBET Gcash.

What is the maximum time for each transaction?

The maximum time for each deposit transaction at OKBET depends on the payment method you choose. Here is useful information for this common question:

  • Bank Transfer/Online Payment Gateways: It only takes 5 minutes to complete the transaction.
  • Payment via Phone Card/E-Wallet: Only 1 minute.
  • Bank Transfer Withdrawal: It takes about 24 hours.
  • Online Payment Gateway Withdrawal: It takes about 30 minutes.

Are there any fees for depositing money?

Next, we will clarify if there are any fees for depositing money. As a reputable bookmaker that provides the best support for players, we offer extremely low betting rates. Additionally, most services, including payment transactions, are free.

Are there any fees for redeeming rewards at OKBET?

Generally, you don’t need to worry about this because OKBET mostly exchanges rewards at face value, without any surcharges or “eating” the difference. The method is also publicly listed in the game interface, and we are committed to following the regulations set out.


We have introduced to you some ways to deposit money into OKBET that are available and being used. Hope that through this article, players can do it correctly and accurately!