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Known as one of the oldest, most reputable, attractive, and high-quality bookmakers, OKBET has long become an ideal betting destination for many bettors. What makes OKBET Casino so attractive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading the OKBET app? And is an attractive bookmaker like many reviews on websites? Let’s find out all the details with us.

Introduction to OKBET

Among the bookmakers currently present in the Phillippine betting market, it can be said that OKBET is the most experienced and reputable. Since online betting was just starting to appear in the Pilipinas, OKBET is also considered a bookmaker that has made a great contribution to bringing online betting closer to the Phillippine betting community. Every year, the number of online bookmakers springs up like mushrooms, but OKBET always maintains its position as a top bookmaker with a huge number of transactions every day spread across all products.

To provide players with the highest quality and most attractive betting products with regularly updated odds, there are more than 350 personnel who monitor and adjust the odds for up to more than 18,000 bets online every month. This huge number shows the investment and quality of OKBET products.

The regional level but also reaches the international level, with a wide coverage in prestigious sports tournaments.

Introduction to sports betting

Introduction to sports betting

Sports betting is understood as predicting the outcome of a sporting event and placing a bet on that outcome. If you predict correctly, you will receive winnings corresponding to the odds. If you predict wrong, you will lose some or all of the money you bet.

Sports betting is an extremely interesting form of entertainment, and at the same time, it is also a form of making money with the potential for huge profits. This is also the main reason why sports betting is loved and increasingly developed around the world.

Currently, players can participate in sports betting in two different forms: traditional betting and online betting. Accordingly, with the traditional betting form, players will have to go directly to the place or contact by phone, text message to place bets and this form can bring a lot of risks, especially in countries that have not yet been recognized by law as legal betting such as Phillippine.

For online betting, players only need to register an account at reputable bookmakers, deposit money into their account and participate in playing. This process is done entirely on the internet, ensuring information security, so it limits legal risks for players.

With online sports betting, players can participate in betting on a variety of different sports and different big and small events taking place around the world with constantly updated odds.

Among them, popular sports for betting include: Football, tennis, boxing, volleyball, horse racing, golf, e-sports, rugby, basketball…

Experience sports betting with OKBET

The betting world at OKBET is extremely rich and attractive, in which the most interested and favorite betting product is sports betting. Discover the most attractive points at OKBET sports betting.

Football Betting

Football Betting

As a veteran bookmaker in the Phillippines betting market, more than any other bookmaker, OKBET understands the betting needs of players very well and regularly updates the hottest and newest odds, giving players unforgettable betting moments. impressive. In which, OKBET football betting is the product that is most appreciated by the community of players.

There are 3 betting halls for players to experience football including Saba Sports, M Sports and La Liga Virtual. These betting halls are all partnered with major providers in the world, specializing in providing online football betting products for the most reputable bookmakers.

At these betting halls, odds are offered for hot sports and receive the most attention from betting lovers around the globe. In which, the number of football bets accounts for the largest with hundreds of bets taking place every day.

Advantages of OKBET football betting

Advantages of OKBET football betting
  • You can easily place football bets right on your main account Wallet, creating the most convenience for players.
  • Betting on multiple platforms PC as well as mobile.
  • Support livestream feature, helping players to watch live matches while being able to bet.
  • Large payout ratio, high commission.
  • Comes with many valuable promotions to increase the excitement for bettors.
  • Diverse division of odds to suit many preferences of players: Asian odds, European odds, correct score bets, total goal bets half/full time, even/odd bets, first/last goal, win bet, combined bet.

Football tournaments at OKBET

Football tournaments at OKBET

OKBET win offers bets on almost all major and minor football tournaments taking place around the world, in which the major and popular tournaments are:

  • Champion Leagues – C1 Cup
  • Premier League – English Premier League
  • Ligue 1 – French Football League
  • La Liga – Spanish Football League
  • Bundesliga – German Football League
  • Serie A – Italian Football League

Betting on other sports

Betting on other sports

Besides football, which is the most prominent bet, OKBET sports also offers bets on many other sports such as basketball, boxing, racing, swimming, cricket… These are all popular sports in the world. continents and have a large number of followers. Just choose your favorite sport, choose the odds on the odds table, proceed to bet and wait for the results. Sports bets at Mansion88 will give you the opportunity to increase your income significantly thanks to the high prize value.



Meeting the growing demand for esports betting from customers, OKBET has quickly launched an attractive esports betting product with a TF Gaming lobby dedicated to this type of betting. With advanced AI technology, you will be able to try your hand at super attractive bets at top esports tournaments such as CS:GO, DOTA2 or LOL.

The impressive interface, scientific and easy-to-understand odds arrangement, along with a modern computer programming system, will satisfy any fastidious player.

Instructions on how to access OKBET link without being blocked

Instructions on how to access OKBET link without being blocked

The blocking of the access link to OKBET by the network operator causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort to many customers. This somewhat creates an interruption in the betting process of players. To help players overcome the problem of being blocked from accessing the link, we would like to introduce to you the following effective ways:

  • Prestigious sub-link to access OKBET: OKBET bookie regularly updates sub-links to help players access the dealer’s homepage without worrying about the network operator blocking this link.
  • Use VPN: VPN is a software that helps you access blocked websites, you just need to Okbet okbet legitdownload this software to your computer to be able to access the OKBET website.
  • Change DNS: By changing your computer’s DNS Server, you can easily access OKBET.

OKBET Online Casino

Online Casino

In addition to sports betting, online casino games are also a lobby that is loved by many players.

  • There are up to nine casino betting halls available at OKBET from the top game partners worldwide.
  • Providing a top transparent betting space with online betting using high-tech computer software and live betting with real dealers via livestream.
  • Real experience, like being in the most luxurious and classy casinos.
  • Gather the most attractive casino games: poker, baccarat, blackjack… with high payout rates, easy to play, easy to win.

Featured casino games at OKBET casino online

Featured casino games at OKBET online casino
  • Baccarat: One of the most prominent games, you can play baccarat at all 9 betting halls that OKBET online game offers. With a massive collection of games with over 120 different options, you can freely choose to participate in any variation here.
  • Blackjack: Also known as blackjack, you can choose to play Blackjack in the Studio OKBET Europe lobby. Here, you can participate in a series of different gaming tables to experience.
  • Roulette: You can play the spinning wheel game in the Studio OKBET Europe lobby. Similar to Blackjack, there are many tables with different dealers for you to choose from.
  • Sicbo: Except for Studio OKBET Asia, you can choose to play sicbo at the remaining 8 game halls. Each game lobby offers a variety of tables with different colors for you to choose from.
  • Dragon Tiger: You can play dragon tiger in the lobbies of FB777 Gaming, MILYON88 Gaming, AG Live dealer, JILIMACAO Casino. Each game lobby will have different table options for you to choose from.

Promotions at OKBET

Promotions at OKBET

OKBET online games always makes players satisfied and loved by the promotions here. Whether you are a new or old member, whether you are a regular or VIP member, you will have the opportunity to receive great, attractive and valuable rewards from various promotions. OKBET’s promotions take place daily, weekly, monthly… are present on all betting products from sports betting to casino online games with interesting forms such as welcome bonuses, cashback or in the form of races, reward festivals….

Super attractive football betting promotions at OKBET

Here are some promotions that players cannot miss when participating in betting at OKBET online game:

  • Play big, win big up to 23 million with weekly tournaments when betting at Sports halls.
  • Super sports bonus loses 8% up to $1,1 on weekends.
  • Exclusive welcome sports up to 150% bonus or 10X bet 88 free spins and free bet.
  • Unlimited cashback up to 0.33%, no betting rounds at M Sports.

OKBET Vip Club Policy

LevelDaily RebateWeekly Loss RebateBet Requirement
Member0.60%0%1 month: $ 398  3 months: $1,188
Gold0.65%5%1 month: $838  3 months: $2,508
Platinum0.70%8%1 month: $,1,88  3 months: $4,688
Diamond0.80%10%For selected members only.

Instructions for registering an OKBET account

For new players, what they are most interested in is how to register a playing account at OKBET casino online. Here are the detailed instructions for registering an account as follows:

Register OKBET on desktop version

Step 1: After accessing the homepage of OKBET, you will see the words Register in bold in the corner of the screen. Click on it.

After accessing the homepage of OKBET

Step 2: The OKBET registration interface appears quite impressively on the screen. You just need to fill in the required information such as name, login, password, email, mobile number, and currency. After filling in the information, press Register to complete.

fill in the required information

With 2 simple steps as above, you have officially owned your betting account on the OKBET website.

Register OKBET on mobile

In addition to the desktop version, OKBET sign up also supports betting on mobile platforms, including OKBET app and mobile web version. Registering an account on the OKBET app and the mobile website version is exactly the same and also similar to the desktop version.

Accordingly, you will need to go through 2 steps:

Step 1: Access OKBET on your mobile browser and select register.

Access OKBET on your mobile browser and select register.

Step 2: Provide full information as required by the registration form to complete the account opening.

Provide full information as required by the registration form

Instructions for logging in to OKBET casino online

Next, we will guide you through the steps to log in to your playing account at OKBET ph with the following specific steps:

Login to OKBET on computer

Step 1: Visit the OKBET website, find the word Login right next to the word Register and click on it.

Visit the OKBET website

Step 2: With the login name and password information that you have registered, please fill in these contents correctly on the request screen and click login after completing. You can save this information if you are using a personal computer to avoid the fastest login for the next time.

login name and password information

Login to OKBET on mobile

Logging in information on mobile, including both the mobile web version and app, is done similarly to the desktop version with two simple steps.

Step 1: Similar to the web version, click on OKBET login to start betting.

click on login to start betting with OKBET.

Step 2: Enter information including OKBET login name and password.

Enter information including login name and password.

Guide to deposit money into OKBET account

Guide to deposit money into OKBET account
Payment MethodMinimum Deposit ($)Maximum Deposit ($)Deposit TimeMinimum Withdrawal ($)Maximum Withdrawal ($)Withdrawal Time
Bank transfer1030,00010 minutes2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
EeziePay1030,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
WealthPay1030,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
SmartPay1010,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
YF1010,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
OnlyPay2010,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
Payla882030,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
QR Pay1010,000Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
Cash Card10100Instant2010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours
Crypto (USDT) – DirePay3510,000Instant5010,000First withdrawal: 12-24 hours  Subsequent withdrawals: 4-5 hours

Deposit Methods

Deposit Methods

To help all players make deposits simply, easily, and conveniently, OKBET has supported many deposit methods from simple to modern, technological forms. Here are the deposit methods that OKBET gcash supports for players:

  • Bank transfer
  • Direct transfer
  • Mobile transfer
  • Cash card
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Processing time

Each deposit method will have a different processing time. Most deposits will be processed immediately. At the latest, within 10 minutes, Okbet will update the deposit to the members’ playing accounts.

Steps to deposit money (applicable to both desktop and mobile versions)

You can deposit money on the desktop and mobile versions with the same order of steps and deposit options. In the next section of the guide, we will guide you on how to deposit money with illustrations on the desktop version (with the mobile version you do exactly the same).

  • Step 1: After logging into your OKBET playing account. Click on the Deposit line in the corner of the screen.
Click on the Deposit
  • Step 2: The deposit methods will appear in turn on the deposit transaction. You need to choose the deposit method that suits you. Among the deposit methods at OKBET slot, we will guide you how to send money fast via bank – the most popular deposit method.
turn on the Deposit transaction
  • Step 3: Click Quick Deposit, select the method you want to deposit, for example, click on online transfer.
Click Quick Deposit
  • Step 4: Get the bank account number by clicking on the bank you want to deposit, OKBET account information will be displayed in detail (or you can get information by SMS. Then send money to the account has been provided. Click Next.
  • Step 5: Update the information about the transaction you have made as required, including updating your account number, time of money transfer, receipt, amount… Click the Next button to complete .

So you have completed the deposit transaction at OKBET vip.

Note when depositing OKBET:

  • All the information you provide must be accurate.
  • Remember to save the deposit receipt to upload the image in the transaction section and as evidence when problems occur.
  • If you encounter any problems, please contact online support.

Instructions for withdrawing money at OKBET

Instructions for withdrawing money at OKBET

Compared to other bookmakers, OKBET supports quite a few withdrawal methods including:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • WealthPay (coming soon)

Processing time

The processing time is the fastest, it only takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours for OKBET withdrawal to complete the transaction.

Steps to withdraw money (applicable to both desktop and mobile versions)

Steps to withdraw money

Similar to depositing, you can withdraw money on both desktop and mobile versions with the same order of steps and options. In the next section of the guide, we will guide you on how to withdraw money with illustrations on the desktop version (with the mobile version you do exactly the same).

  • Step 1: After clicking on Deposit, continue to select the Withdraw tab, choose the appropriate withdrawal method. With the form of withdrawal via bank transfer, please click on bank transfer.
  • Step 2: After updating the bank account, enter the amount you want to withdraw, check again and click Confirm to complete.

Note when withdrawing OKBET

  • Pay attention to the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount when withdrawing money.
  • If you encounter any problems, please contact online support for answers.

Review of OKBET’s 24/7 customer support service

Review of OKBET's 24/7 customer support service

In order to accompany players anytime and anywhere, bringing players the most comfort and satisfaction during the betting process, OKBET bookie has focused on investing in building a 24/7 customer consulting channel. Accordingly, players will be answered all questions or problems encountered during the betting process in the fastest way possible by the customer care team. Players just need to click on the online support section in the lower right corner of the homepage to receive advice immediately.


In order to exist and grow stronger for such a long time, this platform shows its prestige and brand strength in the hearts of the betting community. It meets all the highest criteria of an online bookmaker. If you are looking for a betting address, this is a name that you cannot ignore.