Registering a personal account seems easy. However, many of you are confused with the steps to register OKBET through apps like phones or websites. Here, we will answer and guide you on how to register OKBET in the most specific way!

How to register OKBET on mobile phone?

Creating an account on your phone is a common method used by players because of the convenience it

Step 1: Enter your frequently used phone number to receive a verification code from the system.

When you select the registration box on the dealer interface, the system will receive the request and automatically display an information page. Players in turn fill in their full name, gmail,… and phone number for the system to send a confirmation code.

Step 2 is to enter the correct data as the system requests.

After you have the verification code, fill it in the required box. In addition, to help the two parties authenticate more, people need to fill in correctly, accurately and transparently.

Step 3: Tick the box to agree to all terms and conditions

This is the last step and also requires players to clearly understand the terms and conditions before becoming a member of OKBET. When you tick that box, you have completed the steps.

Steps to register OKBET on computer interface (Laptop or PC)

Besides smartphones, you can see the effective ways to access OKBET by computer and everyone can do it: 

Step 1: Access OKBET and proceed to register

Step 1: Access OKBET and proceed to register

When you have registered or logged in on your phone, when switching to a computer, players will realize one thing. That is, the way to access OKBET on a computer is very fast and does not take time to download the app like on a phone.

Players just need to access the correct link and proceed to register an account.

Step 2: Enter all the information requested by OKBET

Step 2: Enter all the information requested by OKBET

Similar to registering on the phone, users will be shown an interface with all the register OKBET provided. Players just need to fill in the correct box and avoid missing it, they will not be able to complete the s666 plus registration procedure.

Step 3: Confirm the account creation process

Step 3: Confirm the account creation process

The last step, click agree to all terms and confirm them. When the procedure is completed, it means that you officially become an official member of OK casino.

Minimum conditions you need to know before register OKBET

Minimum conditions you need to know before register OKBET

OKBET registration is very easy but you need to grasp the minimum conditions before performing them as follows:

Conditions for successful account register OKBET

  • Each individual when coming to OKBET is only allowed to register one account
  • Only Vietnamese citizens over 18 years old are allowed to register
  • Must have a citizen identity card or identity card

Minimum requirements to prepare before registering

  • Phone or computer with internet connection to be able to access the main website of the house
  • Photo of citizen identity card or identity card
  • Gmail and phone number used regularly

Reasons why you should register an account at OKBET

Reasons why you should register an account at OKBET

It is not natural that this casino is so interested and participated in by many people and this is the reason:

All customer information is completely confidential

OKBET cooperates with IT services to establish a network with high and wide coverage. Players feel secure to experience the service without having to worry about anything.

Register OKBET is quick and extremely easy

It must be said that at, this casino is very simple operations, and they are set up in a very orderly and convenient way for users. Even how to delete account is carefully guided.

Personal accounts are allowed to participate in other forms of entertainment at the dealer

Once you have a personal game account in hand, players can participate in any form at the dealer. However, you need to follow the rules and if there is any unclear behavior, your account will be deleted immediately.

Many big and attractive promotions for all members

Every event or special occasion, this betting site always launches promotions with extremely attractive incentives for each game genre. Even when new members deposit for the first time, they will receive a reward.


Registering OKBET is not difficult if you read this article in full and in detail. We are very happy that you have become a member of the house and wish you a happy experience.